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25, 26, 27 Nov, The Media Centre, Huddersfield
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WED 24 - FRI 26 NOV



ALKU DJs [ES] / 7.30pm - 11pm
Classic computer music, early electroacoustics, whale songs, bluegrass, black metal and everything in between.


SHOWCASE / 10am - 5.30pm /
Steve Symons/Aura, Nick Collins/TOPLAP, Andrew Wilson/Anywhereblogs, Tuomo Tammenpää/Creative R&D, Johannes Gees/Hello World.

LIVE / 7.30pm - 1am /


LIVE / 7.30pm - 1am /

LIVE SETS / Thursday 25 & Friday 26 / Saturday 27 /

SATURDAY / 28 NOV / 7.30pm - 1pm / FREE /


Stephan Mathieu is a digital artist who lives in Saarbrücken, Germany. He spent a good part of the 90s as an improvising drummer in Berlin but now works mainly in the field of digital music.

Stephan¹s music [either released under his own name or as Full Swing] is infused with a warmth and glow usually associated with analogue sound production. Using extracts of melodies and texture from various sources, he weaves deep, beautiful
evolving soundscapes bathed in swathes of static and hiss.

He also creates sound installations, graphic design and teaches digital arts and conceptual practice at the University for Arts and Design, Saarbrücken and works as a guest lecturer at the Bauhaus University, Weimar and the Merz-Akademie in Stuttgart, Germany.

Stephan¹s music has been released on Fällt, Ritornell, Korm Plastics, EN/OF, Lucky Kitchen, Brombron, Hapna and Orthlorng Musork.


Mark Fell Mark Fell Mark Fell


Topology is a branch of mathematics concerning possible spaces and objects: curves, surfaces, knots, manifolds, phase spaces, symmetrical groups, etc. The work explores spatial and temporal deformations, twistings, rotations, reflections and stretchings. Here spaces and objects are not self-evident and singular, but multiple, irregular, anomalous.

The work began as a documentation of recent installations ­ some in public spaces, some gallery works, some large works, some small. Inspired by the problems brought up by this activity, instead of using recordings to document them, ten processes came about, each of which relates to the spaces and works in a different way; a recording, or system used to run the work, a pattern, a method or technique, a way of working, a name, or a reference point outside the work.

Mark Fell was born and educated in Sheffield. His works, usually interactive, time based or generative, draw upon an interest in contemporary philosophy, computer science, and being human.

With collaborator Mat Steel he works as snd, releasing on Mille Plateaux [Frankfurt], with other projects on OR [London], Line [New York], and Fals.ch [Vienna]. Mark¹s major works have been show at Hong Kong National Film archive, ISEA [Paris], Sonar [Barcelona], Creativity Cognition Studios [Sydney], Siggraph [LA], Mutek [Montreal] and others.

Tablex TOPLAP Logo Tablex


TOPLAP [Temporary Organisation for the Promotion of Live Algorithm Programming], was set up to explore the application of live programming to composition and performance. TOPLAP advocates treating algorithms as live artistic material, allowing them to be written and manipulated while they create music or video, perhaps in front of an audience.

Tablex is a collaboration between Alex Garacotche of Voodoo Muzak and Alex McLean of slub. Garacotche plays processed drums, his software chopping up
and restructuring his sound into fractured, impossible rhythms. McLean writes Perl software live according to the TOPLAP manifesto, working with his code as musical material, generating wigged-out skiffle.

Two unusual directions towards the simple end of making very live, improvised computer music.




Hailing from Brentford, West London, Douglas Benford has been releasing his digital music under the alias SI-CUT.DB since 1991. As well as the SI-CUT.DB moniker, with seven albums released under this guise, Benford has also recorded as Radial Blend, Pantunes Music, Phoenix Jig and Media Form.

Benford has collaborated with Scanner, Rechenzentrum, Janek Schaefer, Iris Garrelfs, Stephan Mathieu, Benge [currently as Tennis], and Tonne. Ranging from microsound and electronica to dub, Benford has released music on Fällt, Bip Hop, Back Ground, Highpoint Lowlife and 12K.

Benford's current approach to his SI-CUT.DB work tends, with perfomances and recordings, to use a variety of softwares [generative and file morphing is a trademark] and sound sample source techniques from improvised acoustic recordings and lo-fi childrens keyboards, which are then edited, effected, and sequenced. The latest SI-CUT.DB album entitled Offices At Night is recently released on the Fällt label, with remixes up-coming from Mitchell Akiyama, Akira Rabelais, Hrvatski and others.

He has played Ars Electronica, Tate Modern, Nokialab, Transmediale, Sintesi and New Forms festivals, and has been a co-curator of Sprawl electronic music events and label for over eight years, as well as founding the Suburb Of Hell and Pantunes