Ultrasound 2003
27th / 28th / 29th November 2003 / Huddersfield / UK

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nullpointer [uk]

Nullpointer plays Gameboy! ... oh yes!

Nullpointer [Tom Betts] will perform several peices written on Nintendo Gameboy hardware. All tracks are composed and performed using Nanoloop, a realtime synthesis sequencer for the Gameboy. Nanoloop provides the user with a number of abstract/minimal wave shaping algorithmns and a hexadecimal sequencer.

Johnny Pilcher

The music produced is reminiscent of the 8bit era but is performed with two networked cutting edge handheld games machines. As with the majority of Tom's performances he will be collaborating with Jonny Pilcher, his musical partner in the band Weevil and co-composer for various experimental music projects. 4bit wavetable funk!!!!!!

Nullpointer @ Ultrasound 2002

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AvSeq is an abstract sound sequencing game. The player captures and links sound objects together; various combinations, when released activate changes in the audio sequence of the game. In turn the game environment responds visually to the developing audio track. The player can therefore manipulate the progress of the game both aurally and visually. High scores and complex patterns are rewarded with access to more game levels and objects.

Tom Betts
Tom Betts

AvSeq will be located in the reception area of The Media Centre for the duration of the festival.

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AvSeq AvSeq AvSeq Screenshots

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