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Mugison [iceland]

"An album from surely one of the best singer - songwriters recently seen creeping out of a computer"

26 year old Mugison lives in Isafuroer with his family who have spent the long nights of the Icelandic winter stitching the sleeves for the first 10,000 copies of his album Lonely Mountain.

There is a space in the sound of Lonely Mountain which is undoubtedly due to his nationality. A bubbling undercurrent of sound and song as though there is always something waiting, geyser-like, to spring to the surface.

Mugison is a regular on the Icelandic live circuit and made his UK live debut at the Accidental/Lifelike party at Londons Plastic People earlier this year. He played at The ICA with Manitoba as part of the Rough Trade weekend, is touring Japan with fellow Icelanders Mum and the UK with Twisted Nerve artist Luma Lee.

Sea Y will be released later this year as a single with remixes from fellow Lifelike artist Phil Parnell and Arto Lindsay.

Mugison takes up his story…
"When I was forced to find Christ at the age of 13 my father gave me an acoustic guitar. I have always been a lousy player so it was only natural for me to write my own tunes so that way people would not spot the mistakes. For some years I did all kinds of funny jobs – was a messenger boy on a bike during a tough winter in Iceland, a sailor off the coast of Russia, worked on a trolley [a very small boat] which had all the gadgets of a bond car .. and recorded in my spare time on a 8 track tape machine.

In 2000 I did a little release called útbrot, which I sold to friends and relatives and used that money to buy a ticket to London and started to learn the art of recording.

In the Summer of 2002 I decided not to pay any rent, instead spending the money to make a record. I got to stay at various flats that my friends had - taking care of their flats or rooms while they where on summer holiday in Ibiza. All the songs on 'Lonely Mountain' have their own houses, the songs are all connected to the people I was with at the time they were being recorded. I try to make the songs more personal by recording the 'accidental sounds' of something that has some relevance to the topic of the song. For example the song Ear which is a very chatty song, all the 'accidental sounds' are recordings of me making coffee for my friend, the kettle boiling and the sound of an instant coffee… the reason for this is only to give the songs some more personal value."

Mugison: Pet.mp3
Mugison: CY.mp3

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