Ultrasound 2003
27th / 28th / 29th November 2003 / Huddersfield / UK

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Kippi Kaninus

kippi kaninus [iceland]

"Thanks to Kippi, church guests of Hallgrímskirkja can now have hot waffles with cream and rhubarb jam after mass."

Kippi Kaninus produces organic electronica interwoven with clever nano beats and hidden melodies. His beats are mostly made from various interplay using contact mikes. Sometimes he places them inside apples and records while biting or he puts them into pencil sharpeners and records while sharpening. The Kippi atmosphere is closely related to that of cheery Múm and the Morr Music family although more acoustic at times with hints of his classical roots.

Kippi has been studying singing for years although he doesn't flaunt his voice on his album except for a few moments sung by his choir, Mótettukór Hallgrímskirkju ["Church of Hallgrímur"].


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