Ultrasound 2003
27th / 28th / 29th November 2003 / Huddersfield / UK

Aus Lage [in Arbeit]
Aus Lage [in Arbeit]

Aus Lage [in Arbeit]
Aus Lage [in Arbeit]

Aus Lage [in Arbeit]
Aus Lage [in Arbeit]

Aus Lage [in Arbeit]


Medialounge is an exhibition space designed to showcase creative excellence in the fields of digital, network and interactive media. During Ultrasound, and for the remainder of 2003 the Medialounge presents a completely new work by Lia and Miguel Carvalhais.

Aus Lage [in Arbeit]
Is a digital tableau vivant, a series of algorithms generating an ongoing composition that intends to be seen and heard over long periods of time.

The Media Centre
Friday 3 October 03 - Monday 12 January 04
10:00am - 5:30pm


In stark contrast, the second installation work can be seen for just the three days of Ultrasound.

Small Work for Robot and Insects
host productions

Stages the attempt to establish communication between a colony of insects [one of the most ancient of all lifeforms] and a robot [rapidly becoming one of the most advanced].

Circle Room
The Media Centre
Thursday 27 November - Saturday 29 November

Aus Lage[in Arbeit]
Interactive artworks are generally targeted towards fast experimentation, subordinating themselves to the short attention span of the audience, be it in the web, CD ROM or installation. Aus Lage [in Arbeit] intends not only not to submit to these 'demands' but to actively ignore them.

The first step towards experiencing Aus Lage [in Arbeit] is not to interact with it at all. Stand still and just see and hear it. Utilising a discreet camera Aus Lage [in Arbeit] constantly monitors the exhibition space, reacting to human presence by removing all the colour in the composition. When no motion is detected, the colour slowly fades back, revealing the fullness of the work.

All the rest just happens, whether or not there's an audience in the room, no matter what happens around it, the tableau continually re-generates itself, re-composing layer upon layer of information, controlled by time cycles of different spans. These audiovisual elements and control cycles are looping, phased with each other freely to compose the unique outcomes of Aus Lage [in Arbeit] on each new visit.

Lia + Miguel Carvalhais
October 2003

Small Work for Robot and Insects
The robot has a neural network brain which it utilises to listen to, analyse and generate responses to the calls of insects with sequences of lights, sounds and motion. Over an indeterminate period the robot should be able to evolve a vocabulary and intelligent language, what we see is a snapshot of that process. The project is less about the successful development of a shared robot/insect language and more about the persistent attempt to achieve one in the face of indifference.

Andy Gracie

Small Work for Robots and Insects

Alongside the robot and insect communication the piece is a sound installation. Throughout the duration of the piece the calls of the insects are sampled and stored into buffers in the computer which are processed in real time and added into the sonic mix.

Small Work for Robot and Insects was originally commissioned as part of the Breathing Space programme in 2002 and was premiered at InbetweenTime at Arnolfini, Bristol before being shown at Meanwhile, Manchester. The piece has been shown at ArtBots 2003 in New York, and Observatori in Valencia.

Project Design – Andy Gracie
Electronics – Gary Burns
Engineering - Alf Burns
Sound Design – Andy Gracie
Neural Network developed by Brian Lee Dae Yung of the Cenozoa Corporation, New York

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