Ultrasound 2003
27th / 28th / 29th November 2003 / Huddersfield / UK


ultrasound live
adriana sa
darri and thorunn
hilmar jensson
johann johannson
kippi kaninus
kitchen motors band
messa di voce
olof arnalds
vindva mei


@c+lia [portugal/austria]

Supported by:

calouste gulbenkian foundation

@c + Lia have been performing together since 2000, developing the relationship between digital audio and images, performed in realtime. The output of this work is mainly presented live, but is documented to some extent in their audio, video or web releases.

@c + Lia will perform with Vitor Joaquim, a Portuguese musician and one of the artists they release through their label Crónica.

Vitor Joaquim: http://joaquim.emf.org

Pedro Tudela is a plastic artist and a lecturer at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Porto [FBAUP].

Pedro Almeida is a designer for the Público newspaper. Both started Mute Life Dept back in 1992.

Miguel Carvalhais is a musician [with [des]integração, since 2002, and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzp!, from 1991 to 2003], a designer at Revdesign.pt and also lectures at FBAUP.

Lia is a programmer and digital artist living between Vienna and Porto.

@c + Lia live.

Selected performances_
2003 @ teatro viritato, viseu, portugal
2003 @ showroom cinema, sheffield, uk [lovebytes]
2003 @ paradiso, amsterdam, holland [sonic light]
2002 @ aveiro [aveiro_síntese]
2002 @ center of modern art, lisbon [cinegrafias, w/ fft]
2002 @ public netbase, vienna, austria [digital art generation]
2002 @ faculdade de bellas artes de pontevedra, spain [ifi]
2002 @ universidad pompeu fabra, barcelona, spain [offf]
2002 @ e-werk, berlin, germany [club_transmediale]
2002 @ haus der kulturen der welt, berlin, germany [transmediale]
2001 @ pavilhão carlos lopes, lisbon [número festival]
2001 @ inatel, setúbal [encontros de música experimental]
2001 @ k/haus, vienna, austria [stealing eyeballs]
2000 @ coliseu, porto [blue spot] 20001111 @ braga [brg 2000]
2000 @ rivoli, porto [co-lab]
2000 @ museu serralves, porto [ear modulations]
2000 @ fbaup, porto [screensaver '00]

"Hard Disk", CD, Crónica , 001~2003, 2003
"+", CD, Variz, 002Den, 2001

Compilation releases
"int.3", in "On Paper", 2xCD, Crónica, 005~2003, 2003
"GSIL XII / +", in "Austrian Abstracts 02", VHS, Lanolin, 2002
"metrodub", in "Metrómetro", CD, Variz, 004Den, 2002 "GSIL VI / almada", in "Austrian Abstracts 01", VHS, Lanolin, 2001
"via_dut25", in "Portuguese Electr(o)domestic Tracks", CD, Variz, 001Den, 2001

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Photos by @c Copyright 2003

video still 1

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video still 3

Screenshots from "hardVideo/G.S.I.L" by Lia.
Copyright 2002-2003

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