Blacktronica workshop / Blacktronica clubnight

Definition of a Track

Thurs 28 Nov / 10am-6pm / Medialounge / The Media Centre / 7 Northumberland Street / Huddersfield / £5 / £3 /
Booking: 0870 990 5003 /

This all day workshop provides an insight into a distinctive music production process that updates the dub-plates of the 70's and allows participants to make a track in a day. Participants are will be taken through the complete construction of a piece of music from concept to finished product, looking at laptop/desktop sound production and illustrating the bedroom culture ethic of much of today's dance music. The outcome will be a CD-r of the finished pieces of music that will be given to all the participants and played later on that night at the evening club event. The workshop will be conducted by renowned remixer and producer Daz-I-Kue from the Bugz In The Attic Production Team.

Bugz In The Attic
Making their mark not only in London's Broken Beat scene, but as sought after producers and remixers worldwide, Bugz in the Attic is a collective that includes Orin Walters - the Afronaught, Seiji, Daz-I-Kue, Kaidi Tatham, Al Da Bubble and Matt Lord. All heavyweight producers and musicians in their own right, the Bugz consistently combine a dense and dizzying afrofuturism with a fresh, new, soulful and musical club music that always manages to mash up the dancefloor and offers a vision of the future of beats based music.

Lesson plan by Daz-I-Kue [Bugz in the Attic]

To complete a remix within a day using the software Logic and Reason

Participants to have working knowledge of software packages and some experience of sound production. Participants to bring samples with them to the session.

Hour 1: Introduction
Set aim
Listen to track we are remixing
Decide as a group what music style we are going to pursue
Brief talk about Logic & Reason
Set out the Program & time limits

Hour 2-3: Programming
Finding out bpm of track
Sample bits and decide on sounds
Program beats
Program bass & key parts

Hour 4-5: Arrangement
Brief talk on importance of arrangement
Arrange parts
Edit parts if necessary

Hour 6: Mixdown
Mixdown final arrangement
Listen back on track
Master on CD

Blacktronica is 'Brought to you by Guinness® Foreign Extra Stout', futuresonic, and the Arts Council of England National Touring Programme and is curated by Charlie Dark.

Images from the Blacktronica workshop 2002

Blacktronica Workshop
Daz and workshop participants


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